Why You Should Visit a NUCCA Chiropractor for Neck and Back Pain

Neck and back pain can be severely detrimental to a person’s health while also making for a pretty uncomfortable day. Whether the pain comes from accidents, injuries, repetitive stress, standing for too long or from just having a bad back, it’s important to consult with a professional to have this taken care of.

Chronic neck pain may cause you the increased risk of psychological factors, such as, stress, distress, anxiety, depression, emotional issues, cognition issues and sleep problems.

One study found that chronic low back pain had the increased risk of ischemic strokes mostly associated with individuals under 50 years of age.

Thankfully, some chiropractors work to care for this type of pain specifically.

NUCCA Chiropractors specialize in treating and preventing neck and back pain. They tend to focus primarily on the musculoskeletal structure of the body, which mainly concerns the spinal bones of the upper cervical spine. These trained professionals typically use hands-on spinal adjustment in order to relieve the patient of pain.

Why you should visit a NUCCA Chiropractor


The NUCCA Chiropractic Procedure brings several generations of clinical research to correcting the Atlas Subluxation Complex.

By using precise and objective x-rays of the head and neck, along with mathematical measurement analysis, NUCCA doctors are able to establish a misalignment pattern unique to every person. This means that the adjustment will be unique for each patient.

Once the misalignment is understood by the doctor, there is no need for further x-rays because correlating the relationship between posture and upper cervical misalignment allows posture to then be used thereafter to judge alignment.

Low-risk treatment

NUCCA Chiropractors only use a gentle, specific hand adjustment, as opposed to loading a patient up with prescriptions or going invasive for surgery. This allows the patient to be treated naturally with the physical help of another person. People find NUCCA Chiropractic care to be safer because it is very gentle without twisting, cracking or popping of the neck and there is no invasive surgery and there is no medication involved.


NUCCA Chiropractic adjustments is a beneficial treatment option because it is unique for each patient. With standard medicated or surgical treatment options, most patients receive the same consideration. However, chiropractic care for a particular person is based on the patient’s needs and pain. A chiropractor will work closely with the patient to determine the points of pain as well as what triggers the pain. The chiropractor can then take his technique and apply them to the patient based on the unique geometry of the upper cervical spine and their misalignment factors.

On-demand treatment

Unlike medications or surgeries, chiropractic care typically helps relieve the patient of pain upon seeing the chiropractor. Medications and surgeries sometimes take days, weeks, or even months to fully relieve the person of their pain. But, with chiropractic care, a person is able to receive hands-on relief at the time of their appointment. Acute pain due to accidents and injuries will take a little more time due to inflammation and soft tissue injuries.

While a lot of chiropractors operate on a tight schedule, there are also a lot who operate more flexible. Chiropractic offices will often leave a lot of room open for their patients because they know that their pain can come on at any time. This can be beneficial towards the patient because if they suddenly have a stiff neck, it’s easy to go into the office or make a same-day appointment instead of having to wait days or weeks even to get the issue addressed.

NUCCA Chiropractors are specialized in the care of neck and back pain. They use a technique that is low-risk to the patient while also providing maximum relief at the same time. Patients can rest assured that their pain might be constant but there are chiropractors who are always available to push or pull it out.

If you still want to know more about why visiting a NUCCA Chiropractor is a good idea, then give us a call today. Our trained professionals can walk you through what NUCCA Chiropractors do and how they can benefit you.

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