Feel Better with Drug-Free Spinal Pain Treatments

One of the most effective ways to deal with spinal pain is to get a spinal pain treatment from a chiropractor. Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that is explicitly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the musculoskeletal system, and the nervous system, focusing a great deal on the spine. As a result, chiropractors are experts in spinal pain treatment.

Come in for a chiropractic exam

The very first chiropractic exam, for a patient who is suffering from spinal pain, is going to be essential for making a proper diagnosis. During the initial visit, we will conduct a physical examination of the patient, go over their history, and get an analysis which will include an x-ray examination to determine what is causing these spinal pain conditions accurately. Then, we can come up with a course of treatment that will be effective and noninvasive.

During the consultation for a patient who is seeking to get relief from back or neck pain, a patient will need to meet with the chiropractor and provide them with a brief synopsis of the pain they’re experiencing. Typically, during this meeting, we will inquire about the following:

  • Describing the type of spinal pain that the patient is experiencing.
  • Identifying where the pain is located on the spinal cord.
  • What activities make the pain feel worse, or what activities provide relief.
  • The duration and frequency of the symptoms.

Understanding the patient’s history

It is critically important, before coming up with a plan for the spinal pain treatment, that the chiropractor identifies what the areas of complaint are and the nature of the back pain. Also, it is critically important to understand the family history of the patient, dietary habits, what their professional history is if they have a history of other treatments concerning the spinal pain, and what their psychosocial history involves. Dealing with spinal pain is extremely serious, and so it is critical for a chiropractor to have a deep understanding of what exactly has led up to a patient needing to seek treatment.

A physical exam is essential

Once the chiropractor has determined the patient’s history and understood the areas of pain, a physical examination is going to be necessary to decide which specifics spinal segments require chiropractic treatments. This includes, but is by no means limited to, static and motion palpitations techniques which are used to determine spinal segments that are restricted in their movement. Once the physical examination has been conducted, a chiropractor may need to order additional tests like x-rays of subluxations, or use of devices that can identify the spinal areas where there is significant temperature variance which could indicate that those areas are requiring manipulation.

Don’t live with debilitating pain anymore

One of the most significant areas of influence a chiropractor can have is in the treatment of spinal pain. Spinal pain can lead a person to have a debilitating illness and can adversely affect every area of their life. Coming in and getting a diagnosis and understanding which of the spinal segments require chiropractic care is a first step in putting a person back on the road to a healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Call today to get answers to any questions

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