Dr. Michael D’Avanzo

Dr. Michael D’Avanzo is a licensed chiropractor, graduating from Life University in March of 1999. He is the owner of Atlas Chiropractic and Spine Care located in New York, NY.

Dr. D’Avanzo was introduced to the Grostic Procedure (the predecessor of the NUCCA Procedure) early on in Chiropractic College and was immediately interested in the complexity of the procedure. A passion for the procedure developed and then Dr. D’Avanzo was introduced to the NUCCA Procedure which ignited the passion for the work even deeper. An interest in neurology also developed early during his chiropractic school years.

Dr. D’Avanzo had realized early that neurology is the answer to why “Chiropractic works”. Then understanding the neurology of the upper cervical spine became a big interest.

In April of 2017 Dr. D’Avanzo completed 325 hours of clinical neuroscience through the Carrick Institute which has enhanced his physical examination as well as pre and post exams on follow up visits.

Dr. D’Avanzo uses the NUCCA Procedure, Cox Flexion Distraction, when needed traditional adjustments and concepts of Functional Neurology.

In addition to his love for chiropractic and neurology and taking care of people he is also interested in economics and history and has dabbled in foreign currency exchange trading.

My clinical experience as a Chiropractor has demonstrated that many people are suffering from cervicogenic headaches that respond very well to chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine (usually C1-C3). That has been well established in the medical literature.

About Atlas Chiropractic and Spine Care

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We applaud you for taking responsibility for your health and look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

  • At Atlas Chiropractic Spine Care we will:

    • Provide you with a professional treatment plan to ensure a complete recovery.
    • Take the time to ensure that you understand every component of your treatment process.
    • Answer any questions you may have so that you can play an active your in your treatment.

We will also be available for you to go over your treatment plan and offer guidance including any exercises that will assist you in your full recovery.

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