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    At Atlas Chiropractic Spine Care, we provide you with the chiropractic spinal care you need based on a very detailed exam. Far too often, people avoid seeking chiropractic treatment and use pain medication hoping that is all they need. In reality, the over-the-counter medication will only mask symptoms and provide temporary relief.

    We can provide the necessary chiropractic care to help you continue living life without the chronic pain that is holding you back. The first step is to schedule an appointment with us. If you let chiropractic issues remain, the condition will only get worse. Prevent the condition from becoming worse and call us today.

    Dr. Michael D’Avanzo

    Dr. D’Avanzo works to help you recover and live a healthy life. Spinal health issues can be debilitating and take a serious toll on your health and well-being. Even simple tasks such as sitting down can cause significant pain or discomfort. Dr. D'Avanzo will take time with you to truly understand your needs and the most effective treatment for you. You'll receive quality chiropractic care in a comfortable environment. We understand that it can be difficult to know what is causing the pain and are here to help.

    Our Services

    We offer a unique treatment method that addresses neck pain, headaches or migraines, whiplash, vertigo, shoulder pain, arm pain, sciatica, scoliosis, pinched nerves, leg pain, TMJ and more. Using a thorough examination, we can pinpoint the specific location that is causing the pain and customize a treatment just for you. Many conditions will require more than simple physical therapy to treat and we can provide the additional components needed.

    Your Next Steps

    What if you could get out of pain, feel younger, live longer, look younger, have less health problems or even eliminate them? What would this be worth to you? If living pain-free, having more energy, sleeping better and feeling younger is your goal, call today to request a consultation and we'll find out exactly WHY you are in pain, what happened to put you into this situation in the first place and what you need to do to become pain free.

    What People Are Saying


    I highly recommend Dr. D'Avanzo. I had headache everyday, frequent strong migraine sometimes lasted for a few days and completely ruin my day. I tried everything I could think of [but] nothing really worked. After a few month of NUCCA with Dr.D'Avanzo, pain diminished, migraine dramatically lessened.

    Futaba H.

    I recently reached a point where I could no longer work without pain due to a neck injury. Dr. D’Avanzo examined my neck and my posture, and then ran several tests. The treatment is subtle and surprisingly gentle. Within two NUCCA adjustments I felt immediate relief. The improvement has been dramatic. I have been very impressed by the results of NUCCA treatment. I am proof of it’s effectiveness. My special thanks to Dr. D’Avanzo.

    Mitch J.

    I practice parkour, aerobic dance, and Krav Maga, and after an injury, my whole body was a mess. I was limping. My knees hurt. I could barely rotate my torso, and my neck was in pretty intense pain. I walked out of my first visit to Dr. Mike's office feeling like I had just stepped into a new body. Everything that had moved stiffly and with pain was moving freely, easily, a and with no pain.

    If you're skeptical of chiropractic, or this NUCCA thing sounds a bit strange, I strongly encourage you to put that aside at least once and give it a try.

    Dan K.

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