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At Atlas Chiropractic Spine Care, PLLC, we provide patients with the chiropractic spinal care they need. Far too often, people will avoid seeking chiropractic treatment and think that over-the-counter pain medication will be all that they need. In reality, the over-the-counter medication will only mask symptoms and provide temporary relief.

We can provide the necessary chiropractic care to help them continue living life without the chronic pain that is holding them back. The first step is to schedule an appointment with us and begin the treatment process. People who let chiropractic issues remain and do not seek treatment will only allow the condition to get worse. Prevent the condition from becoming worse and seek treatment today.

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Our Doctor

Dr. Michael D’Avanzo at Atlas Chiropractic Spine Care, PLLC, works to help patients recover and live a healthy life. Spinal health issues can be debilitating and take a serious toll on one’s health to the point that even the task of sitting down can cause significant pain. Thus, Dr. D'Avanzo takes the time to truly understand the patient and determine the most effective treatment for the patient’s needs. Dr. D'Avanzo provides quality care in a comfortable environment so the patient feels welcome. We understand that it can be difficult to know what is causing the pain and are here to help.

Our Services

Contrary to popular belief, there are multiple conditions and spinal health issues that can occur in the same areas of the body. It can become easy for an individual to assume that back pain is just a pinched nerve or temporary issue, when it may be the start of something much worse. Thus, we offer a variety of unique treatment methods including back pain care, neck pain care, arm pain care, sciatica pain treatment, scoliosis treatment, pinched nerve treatment, leg pain treatment, whiplash treatment, shoulder pain treatment, vertigo treatment, migraine headache treatment, TMJ treatment and more. By completing an examination, we can pinpoint the specific location of the pain and customize the treatment. Many conditions will require more than simple physical therapy to treat and we can provide the components for said treatment.

Patient Information

After scheduling an appointment, we will need the patient to fill out a “New Patient Information Form” that covers the patient’s medical history, current condition, insurance, allergies and any other relevant information. After gathering this information, we will conduct the examination and determine the source of the pain before developing a treatment. It is important to note that the treatment may take multiple appointments and several weeks or longer to heal. We will map out the entire treatment plan with the patient and make changes as necessary. The patient can fill the form out at home by printing it off online to speed up the appointment process.